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Steampulp – the next new thing?

My friend Donna on Facebook has just expanded my vocabulary. A friend of hers has come up with the term “steampulp” – which is pulp fiction, with steampunk antique technology. Not necessarily serious or trying to make a point, or dystopian, as so much steampunk can be, but an adventure story using extensions of older technology as its background.

Beneath Gray Skies really fits this to a large extent (the South lacks advanced metallurgical skills, so has concentrated on rocket artillery rather than conventional guns, and the Bismarck also is a more advanced airship than was actually the case at the time – she shares elements of Hindenburg, R101 and GZ2) and Red Wheels Turning also meets this definition, though in this case, the Netopyr and Zaamurets actually existed, though the timeline I use did not.

So let’s hear it for Steampulp!



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